Caramel Cob

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Caramel Cob® is proudly made by Kathy Kaye Foods located in the small farming community of Hyde Park, Utah. It is there that the quality of each cob is overseen personally by Kathy Kaye, President of Kathy Kaye Foods and a self-described popcorn zealot. Having grown up on a small dairy farm in southeast South Dakota, popcorn was her family’s favorite snack when the chores were done for the night.

At an early age Kathy Kaye loved to be the popper of the corn and still uses the same well seasoned popping pan some 40 years later in her own home. In addition to popping corn, a young Kathy Kaye loved to make doughnuts with Grandma and to cook and bake with Mom from her recipe box. This continued love for recipes is evidenced today by Kathy Kaye’s vast cookbook collection that she reads like novels and treasures like china.

The simple truths of the kitchen that Kathy Kaye learned by her mom’s side, are exercised each day at Kathy Kaye Foods in the making of Caramel Cob – use quality ingredients, offer generous portions, and cook with love.